Importance of commemorative coins

Commemorative coins are issued to mark and honor particular themes and events. They have a distinctive design with reference to the occasion for which they were issued. Many coins of this category serve as collectors items only, although some countries also issue commemorative coins for regular circulation. Vast numbers of thematic coins are continuously issued, highlighting ancient monuments or sites, historical personalities, fauna and flora, the culture and traditions of a country and much more.

Events being commemorated on coins have a long tradition, such as the Olympic Games, the FIFA World Cup’s as well as

the recently held global sporting competitions namely rugby, ice-hockey, cricket and others.

Coins are much more than a simple product. Commemorative coins act as silent ambassadors of a country and are ever lasting items that evoke memories of a special experience. Nobody would throw away a coin, issued by a country to commemorate a certain event. Coins raise the popularity of the issuing country, give an impression of the history, tradition and culture and can even encourage tourism.


Nowadays, more and more countries are using commemorative coins as an additional beautiful way to present themselves to the rest of the world. Through the cooperation with WCA a country can gain more international visibility without having to take care of, or finance the design, production and international distribution of their commemorative coins. This cooperation could even provide extra revenue for the country.