WCA Cooperation Model


Take advantage of an experienced and reliable partner in the coin trading industry and benefit from an international partnership.
Your advantages:


  • Market know-how
    We share our knowledge and experience of global numismatic markets by advising on latest trends, techniques and technologies.
  • Full Service Cooperation Scheme
    WCA can provide full service, starting from design development and production arrangement if required, as well as international distribution, promotion of coins on international fairs and media.
    Furthermore we can supply coins for the domestic market.
  • Risk Minimization
    Commemorative coins for the domestic market may be ordered according to the local demand at cost price and without the risk of having to stock the coins. For the international market WCA will take care of all cost involved.
  • Extensive Experience
    Gain insides from our experienced team. Meet us personally at international conferences, fairs or at your place.
  • Products for the Domestic Market
    We would be happy to assist you in the development of coins for your domestic market in order to commemorate national events.